Aug 23

A renowned web hosting company, Exabytes Network Ltd, recently pronounced absolutely free setup for the dedicated server sign-ups.  Dedicated serve hosting, on the whole, is a bit more expensive than the rest of the types of hosting; since in dedicated server hosting, a complete server is solely devoted to one client’s business. So, to facilitate the clients in the best possible way, Exabytes Network has done away with the $99.00 set-up charges, for all those who get themselves registered for the dedicated server hosting. Read more…  Read More →

Aug 22

A big supplier of internet based applications, Content Management AG, proudly announced that UK2 group (a giant in the domain of internet hosting) has successfully started CM4all Sites via its trade name WestHost. Advertised under the name “Dropclick”, they are accessible at 8 and $16. UK2, constituted of a dozen successful UK and US hosting brands, is the most rapidly growing internet hosting service provider in the United Kingdom, considered as “big boys” in web hosting. Read more…  Read More →

Aug 19

  Authorized customers would be pleased to hear that high-quality software is now available at their disposal, since Enterhost has recently renewed its affiliation with SmarterTools Inc.-the software developer. According to the conditions highlighted in the partnership, customer acquiring a dedicated or cloud server will be provided with highly specialized versions of the SmarterMail mail server, SmarterTrack customer service and SmarterStats Web log analytics and SEO software, without any additional costs or hidden charges. All these features are available in an amazing bundle offer, for only $800 (U.S. dollars). Read more…  Read More →

Aug 18

A SmartOS cloud server operating system, functions through an open source software license, has been unveiled by the cloud computing software provider, Joyent, this Monday, encompassing the KVM hardware virtualization expertise. Based on a statement made by the company, with the assistance of the SmartOS operating system, commodity hardware can be converted into a multi-tenant application hosting platform; thus, offering developers with the expert equipment to manage storage, along with resourceful virtualization. Read more…  Read More →

Aug 18

It seems a better time, now, to start evaluating the development, witnessed in the hosting industry, as HostingCon 2011 has ended. The big question asked by many is, which one of the web hosting firms has the highest quantity of hardware, installed in its data centers? Based on a boastful declaration made by the French hosting firm, OVH, its data centers are operating nearly 100,000 servers and the company has managed to exceed the 100,000 server limit. Read more…  Read More →